About EZPZ

EZPZ Marquee, LLC is a handcrafted marquee lighting company serving the greater Milwaukee and Madison areas.

We’re inspired by industrial, rustic, and vintage design & believe that every home and event needs a great statement piece. Set the tone of your next event with our oversized marquee lighting!
— EZPZ Marquee

EZ & PZ (Erin Zimbelman & Paul Zimbelman) started the business as a hobby.  EZ’s sister, Elise, was getting married at a concert venue and couldn’t decide what to feature on the stage.  EZ knew it had to be big, it had to be bold, and it had to make a statement and set the tone of the wedding.  Elise was going for a rustic, vintage vibe, and EZ knew just the thing to set the mood– Marquee lights.  But, not just any marquee lights. Giant marquee lights.

Elise’s first question was, “Where would I get marquee lights that big?”.  A bajillion internet searches proved that there was no such thing on the market, so naturally, EZ told Elise she and PZ could make them.  [EZ loves a challenge, especially when it comes to design.] Of course PZ rolled his eyes [knowing that EZ’s dreams are sometimes too big], but was confident that with EZ’s design skills, and his woodworking skills they could accomplish the task.

And they did.

The marquee letters were a hit at the wedding [second to the whole marriage part, of course] and wedding-goers started asking EZPZ if they’d make marquee letters for their brother, sister, niece, nephew, grandchild, friend, etc.’s wedding.  EZPZ told them yes, and knew they had to make the business legitimate– Hence the birth of EZPZ Marquee.

Erin (EZ) and Paul's (PZ) Engagement Session with the Fabulous  April Zelenka

Erin (EZ) and Paul's (PZ) Engagement Session with the Fabulous April Zelenka